Our Services


Step one we receive notification for the need of evaluation


We then contact the company or individual in need of liquidation services to make an appointment for a free evaluation


We then conduct an evaluation and present a plan to liquidate items for our customer


Contracts are drawn out for our customer to review. The agreement spells out any conditions unique to the liquidation


During contracting dates are set for appraisal, setups, and sales


Upon execution of the agreement, we work with our customer to make sure any permitting or licensing is needed to conduct the liquidation is in hand


Appraisal dates and setup dates are assigned based on our customers needs and availability 


Local Publications are evaluated for best placement and dates

Social Media

Facebook amongst other social media platforms are also utilized for maximum reach

Product Research

On the dates set for appraisal, we will be researching all items and assigning them a price

Set Up

On the dates set aside we will be conducting inventory for all items being sold and comparing them to our initial list


New pictures are taken so advertisement can commence


Items are assigned a stock number. Depending on the sale and item type, some are marked with prices while others aren’t. For sales reasons 

Buyer List

Our national list of buyers is then notified of items for sale that fit into their individual buying profile


Our reservation system now opened for customers to select their place online

Wave two Ads

A second round of advertisement commences so we have a successful sale


Signage goes up and local advertising which was placed begins to appear


Our security force is in place during the sale. Shoplifters are prosecuted


The sale commences. For the entire time of the sale, we have enough people on site to sell all products


The sale continues through the assigned and advertised window. Our goals is to sell 100% of all items available

Leftover Stock

If Items are left over after the sale concludes, we will discuss options with you which includes assigning them for sale

Clean Up

Based on agreements, we either clean out your space and or take your items for consignment. This can be changed based on the quantity of items remaining 


An accounting is done, and payment is issued to our client


If we have items on consignment, we will issue our clients a monthly inventory. and issue checks as items are purchased