Common Questions

CL works with all kinds of businesses from restaurants to retail stores.   We liquidate excess inventory. To bring cash into your’ businesses pocket.

We work with both.   Unfortunate events require active business to sell off merchandise and/or fixture and equipment.   We are able to help your business make a plan and receive cash to execute.  If the business is closed, we can help you liquidate and put cash directly in your pocket.

We come from a banking background and a special talent we have is going into distressed businesses and turning them around.   Our initial consultation is free!

Yes. We work with bankruptcy courts on a regular basis, and we can liquidate and do a full accounting for the court.

We have a national list of buyers that are able to buy and pay top dollar for the items you need to turn into cash. We also do on-site and off-site sales to make sure we maximize the cash you receive.

Yes!  We liquidate both vehicles on car lots as well as cars and trucks used in business operations.

We understand the urgency many business owners are facing so we attempt to liquidate your items as quickly as possible.   Generally, we can commence a liquidation within two weeks of a signed agreement.

Cash and all forms of Credit Cards.   In some cases, we can assist people who make large purchases with financing.   

We operate in most major metropolitan areas as well as many rural areas.    

Depends on the amount of work involved in a job and the value.    Each job is unique and requires its own fee schedule based on engagement.   We try to never take funds up front.   

Yes!   We offer cleanout, dumpster, and other services to return your space into operating ready.

No. We offer 100% free first assessment!

CL is unique as we have worked for all the 50 top banks in the country and multiple Bankruptcy courts.  We have a unique perspective on what needs to be done to maximize the dollars of a liquidation.


It sounds like you folks are understanding and want to help!


Yes, it is our pleasure to help distressed businesses find solutions to their cash flow issues.   We are an empathetic bunch  that loves nothing more than to help.